I have heard people say they don’t eat breakfast, or hate breakfast foods. I don’t understand that at all. Do you not wake up hungry? You can eat anything .. even a piece of fruit with your coffee. I believe with my whole heart that breakfast is the most important meal of  the day.

Others out there are against going out to breakfast or brunch — nobody, they claim, should  pay high prices for eggs. That only makes sense to me if the places they visit offer microwaved scramble on toast, or simple pancakes and muffins. And for the record, it is easy to screw up eggs — you can end up with overcooked rubbery eggs or mess up the tomato/onion ratio and end up with soupy eggs. AND, the thick restaurant style chunks of folded egg are nearly impossible to reproduce. These chunk style scrambles hold their veggies and other goodies in place to make the perfect bite.

The Grind, located on the 4600 N block on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Square is fast, delicious and convenient. It is important to note that we are part of the “8 am Grind club” on weekends. At any other time, this tiny local favorite is packed to the gills and many patrons, strangers to each other, are sharing tables and taking turns eating so as to not crash elbows (or so it seems). The music also seems to get louder. The “8 am club” is mostly parents of tots like us and the elderly. Our cue to leave is when the group of loud cackling hens arrive closer to 9. Cheers ladies! The Grind offers fresh bagels from Red Hen Pantry and baked goods from Southport Grocer, to name a few. They also offer vegan goodies. From their menu, we recommend Sue’s Bagel — homemade pesto and goat cheese with a side salad, the hummus/cucumber/tomato toast (much better made at home with toasted multi-grain muffin and freshER tomatoes), and their French Brie sandwhich (menu name escapes me).  I even recommend the parfait as ridiculous as that is–their granola is awesome!

Grind on Urbanspoon

In the Ravenswood neighborhood, located on the 4900 N block of North Damen Avenue is a small, cutely decorated breakfast  joint called Over Easy. Over easy is overrated, over crowded, and the long wait is not worth it.  We have eaten at Over Easy a handful of times and were not impressed. The egg sandwich is good, but like everything on the menu – the portion size and presentation offend my senses (look at the pictures on their site — it’s like IHOP on crack). And for those of you looking for a nice place to eat with your tots, this is not it.

Over Easy Cafe on Urbanspoon

Angel Food Bakery, also in the Ravenswood neighborhood, is located on the 1600 W block of Montrose Avenue. I will be honest with you, I do not like the baked goods (never had cake there but their baked goods are not to my liking) — I only go there for their brunch menu on weekends! Their fig, brie and prosciutto ‘Commuter Sandwich’ is a delightful combination of sweet and savory. You can snack on curried deviled eggs with bacon wedges while you wait for your 3 pepper + goat cheese scramble, or their delicious mushroom sauce scramble. Anything on their menu is very good (though, egg in a hole.. really?) and the good news is that the service is fast. We have never had to wait for a table. Parking on the other hand isn’t always easy in that part of the hood.

Angel Food Bakery on Urbanspoon

There are many places left to try in the area. I will keep you posted as I learn more !


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  1. kark says:

    I love breakfast too! I like your restaurant recommendations and think I know the ladies you are talking about. One of them laughs like a hyena prodded with a hot poker.

  2. […] two chefs are related, one and the same, or went to the same culinary school (Over Easy reviewed here). The hotcakes and the french toast were liberally covered with powdered sugar (a-la-IHOP, […]

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