I am an average urban working mommy of a toddler with no insight to the ‘Chicago scene’. I have little time and energy to cook even though I thoroughly enjoy doing so, and am (quite honestly) only somewhat culinarily talented. Food has to taste good. Period. If I order take out or go to a restaurant and it looks or tastes like something I can make, then the experience is not worth it as far as I’m concerned.

A little background which might explain my obsession to find good food in Chicago — I grew up living in many countries of South America, Central America and the Caribbean and traveled a lot (domestically and internationally) in my adult, mostly single life. Some of my favorite eats are in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Paris, Nice, San Francisco and New York. My least favorites were everywhere Ireland and Barbados. Chicago falls somewhere in the middle.

I started this blog to share my family’s experiences with area restaurants (we typically hang out in Evanston/Edgewater/Rogers Park/Andersonville/Lincoln Sq. area) and “local” stores that sell prepared food. On occasion, I might share a successful cooking experience and point you to the recipe(s). We can’t eat out every day and we haven’t the time to cook a fancy meal every night, so look at “After work recipes” for food that we have prepared and welcomed to the week night rotation.


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